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Expressiva Nursingwear
Expressiva Nursingwear

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Why nursingwear?

To breastfeed in regular clothes, you need to unbutton, untuck, or lift up your clothing to access your breast. This can be both inconvenient and awkward, since it often exposes more skin than you would like, making you feel uncomfortable nursing in public. Dresses pose an even greater challenge, since you either have to take them off, lift up the entire dress over your breast, or select a style that buttons down the front.

Expressiva Nursingwear makes nursing in front of other people easy and discreet, because you simply access your breast through a hidden nursing opening incorporated into our clothing. With Expressiva Nursingwear you do not have the inconvenience of lifting up layers of clothes to nurse. Expressiva Nursingwear enables you to feed your baby whenever he or she is hungry, wherever you are, because you do not have to seek out a bathroom or secluded spot to nurse. This simplifies your life! So whether you are in a crowded restaurant, next to a stranger on an airplane, in a store, or at a wedding, you just discreetly latch your baby on through a hidden opening and nurse away!

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Nursing openings

All-around double layer:
Lift a top layer to access 2 openings. Underlayer goes all the way around the back to keep your stomach, back and sides covered.
Double layer in front only:
Lift a top layer to access 2 openings. Underlayer is in the front only, and the top fabric keeps you covered while nursing.
Inverted pleat:
Move aside the front fabric for easy access to nursing openings on each side. Outer fabric keeps you covered while nursing.
Move aside the wrap fabric for easy access to nursing openings on either side.
Move aside:
Move aside the top layer. Outer fabric keeps you covered while nursing.
Vertical princess seam:
Access a single center slit through vertical openings camouflaged into princess seams.
Lift empire layer and push down on the criss-cross underlayer to nurse effortlessly on either side. Ideal for nursing in a sling.
Dropdown cup:
Unclasp either side to expose nursing holes in the shelf-style bra underlayer.

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What makes Expressiva
nursingwear unique?

It does not look like nursingwear!
Our nursing openings are well-disguised. There are no obvious nursing flaps, as in traditional nursingwear, to "announce" that you are wearing nursing clothes.

It's fashionable!
Our designers take current styles and adapt them for nursing, so there is no need to sacrifice style just because you are nursing.

We have styles for any occasion!
We do not limit our selection to casual styles. We offer beautiful dressy and career styles as well, because we know that you lead an active life.

Our clothes are easy-care!
Our clothes are machine washable to meet the needs of busy moms like you. Many of our styles are non-wrinkle too, so they travel well.

Our service is excellent!
We strive to offer you the highest level of service. We ship most orders within one business day. Your package will arrive beautifully wrapped to make you feel and look special. We also offer a generous return policy, friendly customer care representatives and always welcome your comments and feedback.

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What moms are saying

"I'm very happy with my order. The bra fit's perfectly and beside it looks nice, which was important to me. Also when we go out and I have to nurse my baby it goes quick and uncomplicated. Thanks a lot, and I'll definitely order again." Claudia

"I love your products! I ordered two shirts and hate to admit that i wear them every other day. I really need to order a few more since I will try to keep breast feeding for another six months. I will also say that I have ordered other 'breastfeeding' tops from other sites only to find that they were just regular tops . . . nothing at all constructed for the purpose. Delivery was prompt as well." Elizabeth

"I loved both products that I received from Expressiva! I loved the great quality of the material and especially how I can now more discreetly feed my little one. I love the clothes and the prices! Thank you," Julia

"I love my nursing dress and I have received a lot of comment on it. My mother in law was amazed that it was breastfeeding accessible! Thank you soo much for having such a functional dress available to your consumers." Jessica

"I love the Bravado is all I wear....and I purchased them from your site with a 20%off coupon. I've been very happy with your company....keep the coupons coming!" Lisa

"I was very happy with the service and the product. I love the bra and would definitely shop with you again. Thank you." J

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Our philosophy

At Expressiva we believe that women should NOT have to sacrifice fashion, quality or style when shopping for nursingwear. Breastfeeding mothers should be able to dress as fashionably while nursing as in their pre-baby days. Expressiva is committed to designing and manufacturing stylish clothing that is convenient for pumping and nursing discreetly in public. We want you to look great feeding your baby the ideal food - whether at work, at home, or at a wedding.

From the outside, none of our clothing looks like nursingwear. We design styles for all the occasions of your life - dressy styles for weddings and other special times, career clothing if you are a mom who pumps at work, and casual clothing for everyday wear. Since all of our styles have hidden nursing openings, you can feel comfortable nursing discreetly in public. You do not have to retreat to a bathroom stall for feedings.

At Expressiva Nursingwear we want you to feel confident and beautiful while breastfeeding your baby. Expressing love for your baby, expressing milk for your baby, expressing feelings about your new child are all a part of this very special time in your life - enhancing these moments is why Expressiva was created.

Enjoy shopping our collection. We would love to hear from you, so contact us anytime at or toll-free at 877-933-9773.

Lactation Consultants and Breastfeeding Educators: Please call us at 877-933-9773 or email for details about our customized programs for you.

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Breastfeeding resources

We have been in business of assisting pregnant and new mothers since 2000. View additional breast feeding tips and resources

Expressiva lookbook

Inspiration for our nursing clothes comes from fashion magazines, social media, our own customers (like you), popular stores and wherever our designers' whimsy takes them!

Email us at or call us toll-free at 877-933-9773. We are here to help! Our goal is to make your breastfeeding experience a more enjoyable (and fashionable!) one. We are happy to answer your questions and to assist you in any way that we can.

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