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10 helpful tips for traveling with baby

1. If you will by flying, breastfeed your baby during takeoff AND landing to ease ear pressure

2. Pack a complete extra change of clothes for baby and mom - better to be safe than sorry

3. Start off clean - change baby's diaper right before boarding an airplane, or setting out by car or bus. Airplane bathrooms are tiny and changing diapers can be challenging.

4. Wear a nursing top while travelling so that you can nurse discreetly even if seated next to a stranger.

5. Overtiredness can reduce your milk flow: don't get exhausted, and remember to eat well

6. Airplane travel can be dehydrating - nursing moms must remember to drink, drink, drink!

7. If you are flying alone with baby, ask a flight attendant for help as needed. She will be happy to hold baby while you go to the restroom or grab something from your bag.

8. Consider carrying baby in a sling - nursing is discreet, baby will be happy to be close to you, and your hands are freed up

9. Breast milk is naturally sterile and contains immune factors, so it is the safest drink for your baby while travelling.

10. Breastfeeding makes travelling with baby much easier - no bottles to carry, no sterilizing or cleansers needed, no formula to mix - breastmilk is ready and the right temperature when needed. Good for you for breastfeeding your baby!

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