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Nursing Mom's Holiday Tips

Nursing during the holiday season can bring unique challenges.  With family gatherings, holiday parties, church services, and more, many moms find themselves having to nurse around more people than usual at this time of year.  Here are some tips to make this special time of the year smoother and more enjoyable for you and your nursling(s).

1. Dress for nursing ease. Wearing clothing that allows you to nurse discreetly is even more important this time of year, when you are more likely to be nursing in the company of family and friends.  You will feel more relaxed and at ease nursing around others when you can do so discreetly and without having to fiddle too much with your clothing.

2. Nurse where you are most comfortable. If you are at a busy gathering, and are comfortable nursing in the middle of the action, then go for it.  If, however, you are more comfortable with some privacy, find a quiet corner and create a private space for you and your baby by angling your chair away from the crowd, looking down towards your nursling and not around the room scanning the crowd.  If you prefer maximum privacy, excuse yourself to a different room where you can have complete privacy.  Bottom line - do what is most comfortable for YOU and your nursling.

3. Be proud of your decision to breastfeed. Well-meaning family members and friends sometimes offer their own opinions about how you should feed your baby or toddler.  Remember that you are offering the BEST food for your baby by nursing her.  Be proud and confident in your decision to nurse.

4.  When you look great you feel great. Buying a couple new outfits can be a huge boost to a nursing mom's confidence.  Look great and you will feel terriffic!  So treat yourself to some special clothes for the holiday season...and enjoy all the compliments you will get!

5.  Get some rest. During this busy time of year make sure that you are still getting plenty of rest, drinking lots of fluids, and eating well-balanced meals.  This will keep you healthy and ensure that you are able to maintain a strong milk supply.

6.  Prepare for travel. If you will be travelling by airplane for the Holidays, make sure to wear a comfortable nursing top since you may be nursing right next to a stranger on the flight.  Be sure to nurse during both takeoff and landing, to minimize the ear pressure discomfort on your nursling.

7.  Fill out your Wish List. Add items to your Expressiva Wish List and let your husband, family and friends know about your selections.  This eliminates the guesswork for your family and friends, and gives you a chance to get some beautiful nursingwear!

8. Minimize your laundry. Purchase an extra nursing bra or two, and some extra cotton nursing tops so that you can get away with doing laundry less often during this busy time of year.

9.  Nursing nightwear can simplify things. If you are expecting houseguests to stay over, make sure you have a couple pieces of nursing loungewear to hang around in during the late evenings and early mornings.  You will feel more comfortable having loungewear that enables you to nurse discreetly around your guests.

10.  Enjoy your blessings. A new baby, child, or any nursling is a tremendous blessing.  Take time out from the busy Holiday Season to enjoy and appreciate your blessings!

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