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Expressiva Nursingwear
Expressiva Nursingwear

We've got maternity and nursing bras for every shape, size, and mood! Our fantastic selection of bras will see you through the last trimester of pregnancy until your little one is a toddler. Featuring maternity/nursing bras from Bravado, Medela, Elle Macpherson, Leading Lady, Playtex and more. We offer low-price guarantee on maternity, nursing and breastfeeding bras.

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Moisture-Wick Washable Breast Pads from Bravado
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Moisture-Wick Washable Breast Pads from Bravado  
Was: $13.60 Now: $11.99

  • Package contains 6 breast pads
  • Absorbent terry-cloth pads have "stay-dry" properties
  • Darts ensure a form-fitting shape
  • CoolMax mesh layer lies against your skin, moving moisture away and promoting air circulation
  • Made by Bravado
  • Machine wash and dry


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Moisture-Wick Washable Breast Pads from Bravado  
Was: $13.60 Now: $11.99

Each package contains 6 breast pads.

The 4 layer Bravado Breast Pad is an innovative, absorbent terry-cloth pad with "stay-dry" properties - so unique it's patent pending!

Features include:
  • Two layers of absorbent, terry-cloth. Terry-cloth is a very absorbent fabric. Darts ensure a form-fitting shape, while the outer layer is cream color to keep your pads clean and fresh looking.
  • A middle layer of white terry-cloth. A specific absorbent zone was created by adding an extra semi-circle layer of terry-cloth below the nipple area, giving the pad an overall trim appearance without compromising absorbency.
  • A CoolMax mesh layer that lies against your skin. CoolMax fabric was designed for athletic wear and is specifically formulated to move moisture away from the skin. This promotes air circulation and keeps the sensitive nipple area dry. Studies have shown that CoolMax takes less than half the time to dry as cotton.


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Product Rating


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Customer Reviews

Author: Trina
These nursing pads are nice, I'm glad I have some, but they have pro's and con's.

Pro's: The coolmax lining works! The moisture doesn't stay on your skin, which helps prevent soreness and thrush. For cloth pads, this is a HUGE plus! The coolmax liner also makes them smooth and comfortable against the nipple. Re-usable! Easy to just throw in the wash and use again and again.

Con's: These pads are bulkier than disposable pads, and aren't as big in diameter as disposable pads. So it can look somewhat like you've got coasters in your bra. If they were a little bigger around it would help conceal them under smooth-fitting tops. These don't hold as much moisture as the gel-filled disposable pads do, so you'll need to change them more often. If they get really full, the moisture will still get on your clothes as there is not a waterproof barrier on the back side.

Overall - great cloth nursing pads to wear at home or under loose / patterned tops, but you might still want disposables for smooth t-shirts, for long outings, or overnight.

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