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Expressiva Nursingwear
Expressiva Nursingwear

We've got maternity and nursing bras for every shape, size, and mood! Our fantastic selection of bras will see you through the last trimester of pregnancy until your little one is a toddler. Featuring maternity/nursing bras from Bravado, Medela, Elle Macpherson, Leading Lady, Playtex and more. We offer low-price guarantee on maternity, nursing and breastfeeding bras.

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Lily Padz Paper-Thin Nursing Pads
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Lily Padz Paper-Thin Nursing Pads  
Was: $23.00 Now: $19.99

  • Editor's Pick in ePregnancy magazine!
  • Prevents breast milk leakage
  • Paper-thin breathable material adheres to your skin
  • Swim with confidence, sleep braless, and wear tighter fitting shirts
  • Dermatologically tested, latex-free and ultra thin
  • 1 pair

    Bonus Organza Drawstring Pouch in each box!

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Lily Padz Paper-Thin Nursing Pads  
Was: $23.00 Now: $19.99

LilyPadz is the only nonabsorbent breathable nursing pad that adheres and conforms to your breast! It is paper-thin and is absolutely invisible under clothing. Now you can swim with confidence, sleep braless, and wear tighter fitting shirts without worrying about leakage.

LilyPadz are made of a special latex-free, ultra thin, flexible, breathable material that adheres directly to your skin. Press the center of the LilyPadz onto the nipple and smooth out over your breast. Just lift off LilyPadz to nurse your baby and re-apply after feeding. Wash with mild soap and water and air-dry.

Lily Padz Reuseable Nursing Pads are a patented, innovative nursing pad made of a skin-like layer of silicone. The unique design of LilyPadz maintains pressure on the nipple while in place and forms a non-absorbent barrier that actually PREVENTS breast milk leakage. No more inconvenient pad exchanges, and both you and your clothes stay dry! LilyPadz Silicone Nursing Padz provide the kind of protection every expectant and nursing mother needs The special soft flexible and non absorbent silicone the same material in most baby bottle nipples conforms to your breast for a secure fit.

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Customer Reviews

Author: Amy
I agree with Robin and LOVE these pads. You don't show through anything when you're wearing these (unlike other lumpy regular pads). And they absolutely make nursing (almost) bearable when you're very sensitive. The only issues I have are that I wish they came in a larger size to completely cover my areolas (mine are large). As is, they touch where I'm still pretty sensitive. Secondly, they are so sticky at the beginning that they actually pull off the skin from my areola and contribute to the pads wearing out sooner because it gets stuck in the sticky stuff on the pad. (Sounds weird if you don't know what I mean, but it's not that bad.) Overall, these are the best thing out there and I wouldn't have a baby without them (I'm on my third baby and my 4th set of lily padz (didn't need them with my middle child).

Author: Robin
LilyPadz are what got me through the early weeks when my nipples were so tender. Every other nursing pad rubbed and hurt. Now I still use and love them for swimming or thin shirts as my nipples always stick out after nursing or pumping and the LilyPadz smooths everything out. Last for several months, well worth the money!

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