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Expressiva Nursingwear is available at The Upper Breast Side.

For legions of lactating women in one of Manhattan’s most productive precincts, it has become an essential destination: a place to buy breast pumps and BPA-free bottles, and to bond over the myriad challenges of what is supposed to be the most natural thing in the world. The windowless emporium on West 70th Street has not just nursing bras but nursing blouses, nursing tank tops and nursing dresses, with a name, though high in snicker potential, that perfectly captures the neighborhood zeitgeist: The Upper Breast Side.

Breast-feeding is, in general, enjoying a renaissance. The Bloomberg administration has been promoting the practice among new mothers in public hospitals and by advising companies on how to create lactation programs for their nursing employees. Last month, Michelle Obama told reporters at a roundtable that she would promote nursing as part of her campaign to reduce childhood obesity, and the Internal Revenue Service decided that it would grant mothers a tax break on pumps and other supplies.

But breast-feeding boosters say it often falls to people like Ms. Felina Rakowski-Gallagher to help women navigate a practice that can be painful and confounding. In addition to selling gear, the Upper Breast Side refers customers to lactation consultants and doctors; hosts a weekly “latch-on clinic” for women struggling to get their babies to, well, latch on; and matches up customers with properly fitting bras. At a counter referred to as the “milk bar,” bleary-eyed new mothers and their partners learn how to work a pump (the session is free if they buy one, $50 if not).

Read the New York Time article, "Breast-Feeding Boutique in Feud With Condo Board"


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