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Nursing Accessories: These featured items will help you enjoy your new baby and enhance your breastfeeding experience!

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Everyday BellaBand
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Everyday BellaBand $26.00
  • Wear through all stages of your pregnancy and post-partum
  • Seamless band stays hidden under clothes
  • Easy, comfortable pull-on style
  • Banded hem
  • 84% Nylon/16% Spandex
  • Machine wash warm, wash/dry with like colors

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Everyday BellaBand $26.00
To select a Bella Band size that's right for you, consider your body shape. Do you have a waistline that's smaller than your hips or a straighter figure? Pregnant with multiples? Pick one and choose by your pre-pregnancy pant size.

BellaBand at Expressiva Nursingwear

Trying to choose between two BellaBand sizes? Not so surprising. Some women are averse to a snug fit during pregnancy while others want that tighter fit for support or the feeling of being "held in." Think about what will work for you. If you want a snug fit, go with the smaller of the two sizes you are considering. If the idea of something snug is unappealing, but you still need to hold up your pants, try the larger size. P.S. One size should last you throughout your entire pregnancy.
BellaBand at Expressiva Nursingwear


Newly pregnant: Ideal with pre-pregnancy jeans, pants, skirts and shorts that are unbuttoned and even unzipped a bit. At this stage, we like the Bella Band folded over adding an extra layer to disguise bulky unfastened buttons and zippers.

Definitely pregnant: Great with so many maternity styles. The Bella Band conceals excess fabric, smooths out panels and elastic waistbands, and holds up any style that might feel a bit loose. Great with any transition wear that may be tight to unbutton them to get a little more use!

So very pregnant: Sometimes that belly pushes under-the-belly styles down around your hips. Use the Bella Band as an extra reinforcement over your maternity waistband. Try a single layer covering the belly and waistband if you want some support. Otherwise, double-layer over your under-the-belly waistband.

Recovering Belly Babes: Bring your Bella Band to the hospital. Wear with maternity that is too big and pre-pregnancy that can't fasten around your waist. You'll have more clothes to choose from, and feel better with it on. Nursing mom? There are fabulous new styles that allow you to nurse inconspicuously. For the days you don't have one of them on and need to lift from below, the Bella Band hides your recovering belly so you can feel better about how you look.

Care Instructions: Machine wash warm, wash/dry with like colors. Color-safe bleach only. Dry low temp. No iron.

Fiber Content: 84% Nylon/16% Spandex.

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