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Customer Comments

"I loved both products that I received from Expressiva! I loved the great quality of the material and especially how I can now more discreetly feed my little one... I love the clothes and the prices! Thank you," Julia

"I love my new dress. It looks great and I am not worried about nursing my baby in public anymore. Shipping took about 10 days. Very good too. Thanks and I will be shopping more for sure." B. N.

"I love the nursing sports bra I received. It fits and feels great! It was great ordering from your company and I will be shopping from you again. :)" Lona

"I love your products! I ordered two shirts and hate to admit that i wear them every other day. I really need to order a few more since I will try to keep breastfeeding for another six months. I will also say that I have ordered other 'breastfeeding' tops from other sites only to find that they were just regular tops . . . nothing at all constructed for the purpose. The fit of both garments are perfect and i can say they wear well since I am wearing them all the time. Delivery was prompt as well. Sincerely," Elizabeth

"I'm very happy with both the sport bra and the nursing top!" Edina

"Very impressed with the service. I contacted you all about some replacement bra pads for my new bravado bra, and received a very quick response and the exact replacements that I needed in a timely manner. I will be ordering again in the future." Laura

"I was very pleased with the pricing on the two sleep bra’s I purchased, I was searching for this product at the lowest price and you were it. I was also really happy that they came in such a short time. So, overall, I'm very happy with what I purchased and if I ever need anything else, I now have you saved as a ‘bookmark’ in my favorites and I have easy access to find you again! Kind Regards," Angela

"I love the 3 tops I got from you! Much higher quality than what I've bought from motherwear and motherhood, and extremely comfortable. I ordered at the last minute before going on vacation, and was thrilled that you shipped quickly and I got my order on time." Tory

"Everything I ordered is great. I love the fabric and construction." Carissa

"I am extremely happy with your clothing and your customer service. I had my baby 5 weeks ago (my third) and this time, as with the previous 2 children, I am nursing exclusively. However, this time around I am out and about much more. I was very self-conscious about nursing in public, and decided I should buy some clothes for nursing. Also, none of my non-maternity clothes fit me right now, but my maternity clothes are way too big. There are no stores nearby that sell nursing clothes (they are really hard to find!) so I spent a lot of time on the internet. Of all the online stores, yours was the only one that offered what looked like very good quality clothing at reasonable prices. I ordered 4 shirts and 2 dresses, and I am happy with everything I ordered. (All I had to do was order in the same size I wore for maternity clothing). They fit great, look great, and it is so easy and convenient for me to nurse in them! I didn't have to return a thing- it was all perfect the first time around for me. And, thanks to your sales prices for around $200 I have an entire new wardrobe that fits great post partum a nd makes nursing in public a breeze! They are the only clothes I wear now, and they're all the clothes I need, everyday and special events. Your customer service is excellent too! When I had placed my order, I had a promotional code for free shipping, but it didn't process on my order. All it took was one simple e-mail, and I got the discount right away. Also, the clothes got to me very quickly. If I need any more nursing clothes I will definitely be buying from Expressiva, and I am recommending it to anyone I know who is nursing." Marissa

"My experience with your company was extremely pleasant. I really like my nursing dress, it is very convent and fits well." Beth

"The tops I received from you are so fabulous. They are incredibly convenient and easy to wash - over & over! It helps a lot to have quick access when your baby is starving. I do have other nursing tops, but yours are my favorite. A mommy can't wear button down shirts every day. Thanks for everything!" Miriam

"I'm very happy with my order. The bra fits perfectly and beside it looks nice, which was important to me. Also when we go out and I have to nurse my baby it goes quick and uncomplicated. Thanks a lot, and I'll definitely order again. Greetings," Claudia

"I breastfed my first child for a year without any special nursing tops. This time I tried some of your clothes, and it is DEFINITELY easier to be discreet. I`m ordering MORE!" Rebeka

"I love your tops. They are made so well. You are all I wear now." Diane, CA

"I love all of my Expressiva nursing tops! They are so comfortable, stylish, and easy to breastfeed my daughter! Thank you for helping me stay committed to breastfeeding." Kristi

"My mother & husband each bought me a top after I sent them a wishlist and I love them! It made our trip to visit family much easier, I was able to nurse on the airplane and in the airport without feeling like I had a neon sign pointing at me." Kim


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